Welcome to our website. We hope you will enjoy this site, follow our honey bees under the announcement section, and maybe purchase a candle or two from us.

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Installing Package Bees

Why Burn Beeswax Candles?

  • Last up to 5 times longer than other waxes
  • Natural product, not a refined oil product, so it burns cleaner
  • Burn brighter


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M&H Apiary is a small, family owned, bee operation located in the hills of Barton, NY.

We started keeping honeybees in 2008 when our 7 year-old son, Mitchell (the M in M&H), visited a friends apiary and thought it would be fun if we had bees in our backyard.

Although still a hobby it has grown from purely honeybees to other by-products -- most of which are the idea of Mitchell and Halle (the H in M&H).

Our candles feature 100% pure beeswax, cotton wicks and are hand-poured. We do not use any scents in our candles…the “girls” provide all the natural scent and color needed from the pollen and honey stored within the comb.

We hope you enjoy our quality products just as much as we enjoy making them.